The end of the year is a good time to celebrate what worked in your small business in the last 12 months. Even more so, the start of a new year is the optimal time to reflect on what didn’t work last year in business and create new strategies for greater success. Here are three common resolutions for small business owners to promote growth.

Resolution #1: I will make time for the details.

As a small business owner you most likely have a knack for details but might not carve the time out to attend to them. You may say you want to analyze your day-to-day marketing content but your to-do list continues to fill with more urgent tasks. This year, don’t let that happen.

The amount of attention you give to the little things is what will take you to the next level in your business. For example, when details are your focus you may take the time to change phone meetings with clients to meetings in person. That added face-time will give you a better rapport with that client and strengthen their trust in you and your product.

Resolution #2: I will better identify my customer’s needs.

What does your customer crave and what are his/her biggest fears? Get to know her so well that she might as well be a part of the family. Your ability to appeal to your customer’s humanity will ensure that she purchases from you as opposed to the big box businesses.

When you know your customer’s tendencies, especially on the social media front, you’ll be able to ensure you are using those same platforms and using them well. The more you know how to use your client’s favorite social media sites, the more you’ll be able to profit from those platforms.

Resolution #3: I will delegate.

Poor delegation by small business owners can lead to missed deadlines, burnout and a lack of growth. With proper delegation you will show employees that you have confidence in their skills and encourage success for both parties. Not only will delegation help you with success in business but it will help give your work/life balance a boost, too. If you can learn how to properly delegate you will have more time and stamina to execute resolutions 1 and 2, which will set you up for an even better next year in business.

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