Today, it seems like everyone is starting a podcast. It’s for good reason, too. Podcasting adds a personal touch to your brand that few other mediums offer. Podcasting enables you to reach a mass audience in a very short period of time and keep their attention through morning runs, commutes, and other aspects of their day.

However, podcasting is a time-consuming project that often requires substantial effort before you’ll ever start to see any traction.

Before you hop on the podcasting bandwagon, here’s a few reasons why you should not start a podcast.

#1: You Don’t Have Anything New to Say

If you’re just repeating the same thing that everyone else is saying, you’ll likely lose listeners to the bigger names who started the trend. Unless you have a fresh, new way to view an old topic, or a new innovative approach to a certain industry – you may be better served using a different medium.

Of course, if you do have something amazing and new – by all means – step up to the microphone!

#2: You Don’t Have the Time

If your intent is to use podcasting as a branding tool, you’ll have to be consistent. You’ll have to put some serious thought into your podcast infrastructure, you talking points, your guests, and your sponsors. This is not a “set it and forget it” medium, it’s a long-term commitment.

#3: You Don’t Have the Support Team

If you’re going to produce a weekly podcast, you’ll need some help. What happens if you are on vacation one week? What happens if you run out of time to do your scheduling? Do you have the technical expertise in case something goes wrong? As with any branding medium, you need to make sure you have the support system in place to stay consistent.

Podcasting can be a great option if you have a fresh perspective, the ability to be an artful interviewer, and can commit the time and resources necessary to build momentum. If you’re not able to start a podcast the way you really want to, consider building on other mediums until you can do it right.

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