Sales is a major component of running a successful small business. While practices and methods may vary from business to business, many companies manage entire teams of dedicated sales people. While the goal of having more people is generating more business, mismanagement of sales teams can spell disaster.

Whether you are building your sales “dream team” – or if you’re working with an established team, it is important to avoid these common misconceptions about sales teams.

#1: You Should Stop Recruiting When You Have A Full Team

This can really be true of all departments in your business. If you are only recruiting when you need a new salesperson, you’re limiting your options. You only have a certain amount of time to fill that spot. Alternatively, if you’re recruiting proactively, you can take the time to build relationships that may lead to that prospect becoming a loyal star employee.

#2: A High Performing Team Doesn’t Need Training

So you’ve built a competent sales team – congratulations! Don’t make the mistake of slacking on their professional development. From product knowledge to sales training, investing in professional development for your team ensures that they stay sharp and engaged.

#3: Top Performers Can Manage Themselves

Top performing sales people are self-motivated and tend to be more independent – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need management. In fact, the more effectively you are managing your top performers, the better they will do in the long run. This doesn’t mean hovering over every little task. Instead, focus on setting goals, creating a structured work environment, accountability, and communication.

#4: Your Top Sales People Should Become Managers

There is a huge difference between a stellar employee an a stellar manager. They are two distinctly different skill sets. While you may be lucky enough to find both in the same individual, remember to vet your sales reps before promoting them to the manager level.

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