As a small business owner, time management is the name of the game. Fortunately, we live in an age where there is a plethora of new technology options to make life a little easier.

We’ve put together the top five apps available to small business owners to increase productivity and get you one step closer to freedom.

App #1: WunderList

If you live by your to-do list, Wunderlist may be a good tool for you. Wunderlist allows you to combine and categories your personal and professional task list, collaborate with other team or family members, and reminds you of upcoming deadlines. The app is available for your desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

App #2: FocusBooster

FocusBooster is based on the Pomodoro Technique, which alternates 25-minute blocks of work with short breaks. The goal is to help you maintain sustainable, long-term productivity. The benefit to small business owners is that it may help you avoid burn out, and find a work/life balance that is actually doable.

App #3: Evernote

Evernote can be helpful for collecting and organizing your thoughts and notes. From tracking to-do lists, to organizing notes, and collaborating with your team – this keeps your important thoughts right at your fingertips.

App #4: Dropbox

Do you hate long email threads and having to track down files? Dropbox may be a good solution for you. Dropbox allows you to share photos, documents, and videos from your computer or mobile device with your team.

App #5: Expensify

There are few things more tedious than inputting your receipts into your expense report. Expensify makes it easier, and lets you add receipts and expenses right from your mobile device. With a click of a button, you’re one step closer to easier tax prep!

What about you? What apps have you found helpful in your business?

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