Leading by example drives your employees to work efficiently and smoothly. How well you lead greatly affects how well they perform.

Work Hard

One of the most important aspects in leading by example is working hard. You need to show your employees how to do things and how hard work got work got you into the position you are in. If you are working hard your employees will be more motivated and likely to work hard as well, but if you are lazy it will cause your team to believe that laziness is acceptable in your business.


Effective communication is key to success in a business. Good communication builds trust between the employer and their employees, and amongst the employees themselves. Talk to your employees about their work, and take extra care to listen to them.

Have frequent meetings with your employees to discuss any concerns or questions they may have. Listen carefully to address the questions and concerns they have. Listening to your employees concerns and questions will show them you care and that you want to make the workplace more comfortable and effective.

The more consistent your meetings are, the more effective your employees will work as a team. Showing employees how to communicate efficiently will get them to communicate adequately back to you and to other employees.

Treat Everyone Equally & With Respect

Treat all your employees equally. You do not want to be known for picking favorites as it will affect the dynamic of your team. If you were to let something slide for an employee you liked more than another employee, it would instantly create tension amongst the team. The other team member will be upset with you and the employee who is being favorited. This is especially true when it comes to time to give out promotions, employees will feel cheated and that the person who got the promotion whether or not they deserved it got it because of favoritism.

Treating all your employees with respect will encourage them to treat you and other employees with respect. When working in a business that relies heavily on customer service showing respect to everyone is most important. If you show respect for the chain of command and your employees will do the same.

Constantly Teach

Training new employees into the company with policies and how to do things will give them a better understanding. It can be demoralizing for a new employee to start a position, and be punished for something they simply didn’t know. Take the time to train your employees, and develop a plan for continued learning as they progress in the business.

Constantly Learn

Your employees can be a great asset in your company. Having additional insight from these individuals with a unique perspective can help to drive innovation. In order for this to happen, you need to maintain a student mentality – even as a leader. By keeping an open mind, and encouraging new ideas, you will teach your employees to adopt the same mentality.

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