A friend called me to ask a question. So instead of just sharing my opinion with them, I decided to share from my past experience. Personally, I find that I get the best advice when someone tells me what they have done in a similar situation.

If I was to give you advice from anything other than my own experience, how could you trust that advice? Opinions are rampant, and what I have found is that to truly understand what you should do when you have a problem or an opportunity, is to learn from the direct experience of others.

When you have a question or need advice – you need to ask. Find others to share what they did, getting the information on what worked or didn’t. Once you have that information, you then need to decide what you are going to do. You can’t really copy what that other person did, you need to take that information and build a new strategy that fits your style and situation. Your business is your business, you create your own decisions, and your own systems and processes.

Use the experience of others to create a solution that you feel is right. That may look very different from the original solution. If it doesn’t work exactly as you planned – modify it, change it, adapt to what isn’t working. It’s up to you to stop wasting time, stop getting unfounded opinions, and come up with a viable solution to your situation.

So when I tell you my story or share my experience on the show or in person, it’s for you to analyze whether there is anything that can apply in your situation.

I’ve always been a free thinker, and my business has always been a representation of myself. I’ve used advisory boards, mentors, friends, and those that have had great success to create solutions in my business. Through this process, I’ve found success myself.

To summarize: When you need outside advice, seek feedback from others of their experience from their life or business. Then, take their experience, and devise your own answers and strategies for your unique situation.

Just remember: Problems or opportunities are only solved or achieved by action. The most effective action happens when there is a plan with an overall strategy that’s been put in place. Build your business around how you think it should be and don’t worry about what others think – and just do it.

After 17 years of business, Brandon has dialed into a winning formula. He has created a simple business model that requires a small number of people to run, and it makes money, and give him the freedom to enjoy what he does.
“I want to be successful, and I want Wright Stuff Radio to help influence others. Many of my guests are those who have helped me in my darkest days in business. We’re here to help you through yours too.”

Join Brandon on this journey of how we share our strength, experience, and hope. At Wright Stuff Radio, we’re here for the courageous business owner who is out there making it work.

We invite you to listen to Brandon and his community of those who lead, inspire, and grow themselves and their companies on Wright Stuff Radio Show.

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