A business is a risk.

It brings the possibility of failure. If you take enough risks, you will eventually experience failure. On the other hand: if you remain stuck where you are, and remain afraid to try something new – you’re business will become stagnant and never grow. Whether it’s in your career or in your small business, you have to consider what it is you are willing to do, and put yourself out there.

Businesses also offer substantial rewards when those risks pay off. You could be setting the trend that sends your industry into the future. The people that start things every day: new ideas, services, or adapting a new facet of their brand – these are the ones that see success.

It’s initiative that makes the difference. While others are worrying about status quo – you’re doing work that matters, and stretches the boundaries.

When you’re doing something that matters, it becomes the focus of your life. It becomes what motivates you. It becomes a passion.

You start to think in huge possibilities or new avenues you can create. You must be unique, creative and willing to fail.

If you are willing to think differently, and to do the things that others won’t – you will live a live that others can’t. This is because you will have face adversity and failures, and you were able to overcome.

Think about what separates you from everyone else. What makes you different? What is the impact you have on your coworkers, your customers, and your community?

It’s the companies and the people that implement this mentality that will change business as we know it today. These are the people and the businesses that lead us to be inspired because we want to follow them, we want to buy their products, and we want to hire their services.

You can’t be bland, and you need to be willing to pave your own road in order to grow.

Businesses without vision often find themselves with no clear direction, and will eventually be surpassed by those who are taking risks and initiatives.

Refuse to accept mediocrity in your business. Find the will to challenge yourself, and watch your business and community change with you. You don’t have to wait for some else’s approval, make the shift and create something worth the change.

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