You’ve done it! You’ve started your small business. You’ve added a few employees, you get to be your own boss, you’re making decent profits, and you’re content in your daily/monthly/yearly routine.

But are you still hungry in that business? Are you still passionate about what you’re doing?

On this week’s episode of Wright Stuff Radio, we’ll be talking to Dale Dixon of the Better Business Bureau about staying on fire for your business.

What Does It Mean to ‘Stay Hungry’ in Business?

As Dale states on the BBB blog, staying hungry in your business means that you’re not taking your customers for granted. You’re still focused on bringing in new clientele, and keeping the current customers as happy as possible.

Are you still looking for new ways to market your business? Are you still pumped up about your brand? Are you staying sharp on your research of new customers, technology, and processes? Always looking for the ‘next thing’ helps to keep you focused on growing your business and avoiding stagnation. That’s why we focus on this on our show.

How Can I Keep Pushing For Growth In My Business?

Research has shown that what truly drives most entrepreneurs is not money. It’s the competition, the adventure, the opportunity for creativity, growing a team, and finding a purpose in life.

You can keep yourself focused on growth by investing in professional development for yourself and your team. Seminars, webinars, books, and podcasts – there are so many opportunities for learning how to grow your business. Commit to being a lifelong student in your business!

You can also focus on your team, and growing their entrepreneurial spirit in your business. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you have a team around you reminding you of why you took this on in the first place!

Research new technology, and be open to new processes. Not every situation is going to require you to “build a better mousetrap”, but by staying on top of new ideas and possibilities – you’ll be able to incorporate time and money saving tactics to grow your business.

Tune In To Wright Stuff Radio

We’ll dive into more ideas for staying hungry in your business with Dale Dixon this Saturday, January 23rd at 2PM MST. You can also find a recording of the show on our homepage!

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