I found this discussion on a Facebook post from another business owner: “What are your two best and worst things about owning a business?”

I feel compelled to write about this post, because I think it’s an important question. I found that many of the comments that were posted below the original question lacked meaning, in my opinion. There were comments such as they “no paid time off”, and assumptions about good employees or bad employees. There were also comments talking about not having a boss, setting your own hours, being at kids events, tax season, flexible hours, higher pay than as an employee, or picking your customers that you want to work with…and the list goes on.

I want to ask the question to our Wright Stuff Radio following, what are the best two things about owning your own business?

For me, I have to pause and think about that question before I can answer. Because when I answer that question, my answer has to have emotion – there is a great deal of feeling behind it for me. If I am quick to rattle off my two worst things about owning a business, I have to have a reason for my two best to supercede those two worst.

The two best must overpower the two worst so that I can validate why I do what I do each day. I must have those two be so strong that I’m willing to sacrifice for something greater than what I have right now.

One comment on the original Facebook post really resonated with me. The person said “you can follow your dream”.

Isn’t that why we are in business – that we have some sort of fantasy about how our business looks, how it feels, and where we see ourselves and our company? This is what motivates us to get up each day, this is what we tell our friends what we do. This is the vision we create in our business. The vision is how we get employees to come work for us, this vision is the why customers buy from us, and ultimately our dream is our vision of where we are going. It gives us something to strive for, and hopefully reach one day.

From the many comments on what are the worst things about business, we can all come up with our own things we don’t like. Those are the things we have to do whether we like it or not.

For the best two things, if you can’t answer those that will inspire someone else, then think about it for awhile. What is it that you like so much about your business – what gives you the strongest feeling? Feelings and emotions are what drives us, and must inspire us, our employees, and attract customers.

So – what about you? Think about your top two best things about owning a business, what are they?

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